Korean Beef

Hanwoo is a cattle indigenous to Korea. They have a longer history than the

Wagyu from the North East Eurochs. They do share the same origins, but the Hanwoo

has been raised on the Korean Peninsula for over 4000 years, while cattle from the Asian mainland were introduced to Japan only 2000 years ago.

An other Korean infusion of genetics was introduced to the Wagyu cattle in Kumamoto and Kochi (Japan), as recently as only 100 years ago.

That is why many beef enthusiasts in Asia know the Korean beef to be the best in the world…. And now,

Casa Pascal proudly presents you the Hanu (Hanwoo) Beef from Lotte Seoul!

Every steak is grade QG1++ / K-BMS 8-9 on Longissimus Dorsi at the 13th Rib

Small        110-150 gr.   1,560 THB

Medium   190-220 gr.  2,060 THB

Large       230-250 gr.  2,280 THB

Mudium      350-380 gr.    3,190 THB

Large            420 gr.          3,590 THB

Small           200-220 gr.     2,060 THB

Medium      240-260 gr.     2,350 THB

Large           370 gr.            3,120 THB

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