Casa Pascal - Christmas Delivery

Christmas Delivery

The festive season is a time of joy and laughter. It can also be a time of stress, especially when you want to host a delicious Christmas dinner at home. All that planning, shopping, and cooking often leads to the host being exhausted at the time of the gathering.

The Alternative:
Casa Pascal’s Christmas Delivery Service 

When you use Casa Pascal’s Christmas Delivery Service, you can focus on what’s most important: enjoying the Holidays with your loved ones. We’ll do the work and deliver a mouthwatering Christmas meal right to your doorstep.

Choose from a wide variety of professionally prepared items including turkey, roasted beef tenderloin, and more to create your traditional Christmas feast.

Christmas Turkey Delivery

How it works
  1. Choose from the list of culinary delights we offer you this Holiday Season.
  2. Place your order before December 10, 2017:
    Call us at 061 643 99 69 or use our contact form.
  3. Enjoy a most wonderful Christmas dinner with your loved ones.
Aren’t imported turkeys banned in Thailand?

Thailand still has an import ban of turkeys from America in place.  While there are local turkeys available, they simply don’t compare. We therefore import our high quality turkeys from Germany this year.

Please note:
Orders for turkeys need to be placed and paid for before December 10, 2018.

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