Receive Double Bonus Points on Food & Beverages
(a la carte only – excludes BBQ Breakfast/Brunch buffet)

That means instead of 10% bonus points, you will get 20%!

« The promo starts today and runs until July 26, 2018. »

How it works

Casa Pascal’s bonus card rewards guests for each visit.

Simply present your card with your payment and we’ll record 20% of your total bill on your bonus card. After seven visits, your card is full and the accumulated total can be used when paying your next bill.

Don’t have a Bonus Card yet?

Get one on your next visit to Casa Pascal. Just ask one of our staff for it!


  1. To accumulate points, 10 Baht is equivalent to 1 point.
  2. To redeem the points, 1 point is equivalent to 1 Baht.
  3. Points will be given from the net amount of your bill.
  4. Points will be accumulated up to your seventh visit.
  5. Earned points can only be redeemed when the card is full!
  6. Unused points can be carried over to a new card.
  7. Unused points are not cash – payable.
  8. If the redeemable points are less than the total bill, the balance must be paid.
  9. No points are given on consumptions paid with bonus points.
  10. This card is not valid in combination with other promotions or special menus.
  11. Loss of card means loss of points.
  12. Casa Pascal is not responsible for any loss of Bonus Points Cards.
  13. The card is only valid for 2 years as of the first entry.
    You must redeem the points within 2 years after the first entry.
  14. Transferring points from one card to another, costs 50 points per entry!

Card not full, but you want to redeem your points? Purchase points!

For example: during 4 visits you collected points, but you would like to redeem your existing points now.

  • You can purchase points for a maximum of three (3) empty fields, instead of visiting us 3 more times.
  • The minimum purchase for each empty field is 400 points which you can purchase for 500 Baht.
  • The maximum purchase for each empty field is 800 points which you can purchase for 1000 Baht.
  • The points must be purchased before the card is being redeemed.

Combining / transferring points

For example: You have two or more cards which are not full.

The transferring or combining of points from one card to another, be these your own cards or cards from third persons, is possible but will result in 50 points loss for each transferred card. This serves to cover the printing costs of wasted cards. Each card is only valid for two (2) years since the first entry of each card.